Strategic Analysis December 2017: Laws in the Era of Hybrid Threats

- January 2, 2018

The December Strategic Analysis paper by Tiina Ferm, Counselor in Legislative Affairs at the Finnish Ministry of the Interior, deals with legal questions. Ferm highlights how the internal and external security are today intertwined, how laws have become tools of influence and gives some examples how in Finland the legal aspects are addressed.


Strategic Analysis November 2017: Is Russia’s Energy Weapon Still Potent in the Era of Integrated Energy Markets?

- November 30, 2017

The second Strategic Analysis paper from Hybrid CoE is by Agnia Grigas. Dr. Grigas outlines how the energy sector will remain at risk from a mix of hybrid threats such as cyber attacks, propaganda, and conventional and unconventional military threats in the new era of integrated energy markets.


Strategic Analysis October 2017: In the era of hybrid threats: Power of the powerful or power of the “weak”?

- October 31, 2017

The first Strategic Analysis paper by Hanna Smith, Director of Strategic Planning and Responses at Hybrid CoE, explores power dynamics in the international system and particularly how networks are exploited by weaker powers to pursue their political goals.


Regional Cooperation to Support National Hybrid Defence Efforts

- October 19, 2017

Hybrid CoE working paper to EU-NATO workshop, which served as feed in to NATO’s on-going Baltic Sea process and EU’s work on preparing a hybrid risk survey. The Paper was prepared to serve as food for thought for the workshop and is now published with key takeaways from the workshop.