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Hybrid Threats

The term hybrid threat refers to an action conducted by state or non-state actors, whose goal is to undermine or harm a target by combining overt and covert military and non-military means.

COI Hybrid Influence

The Community of Interest on Hybrid Influence looks at how state and non-state actors conduct influence activities.

COI Strategy and Defence

The Community of Interest on Strategy and Defence focuses on hybrid warfare, related strategies and implications for security policy.

COI Vulnerabilities and Resilience

The Community of Interest on Vulnerabilities and Resilience focuses on uncovering and understanding the Participating States’ and organizations’ vulnerabilities, and on improving their resilience.

Research and Analysis

The Research and Analysis team supports the Centre’s work by advancing academic research and debate on hybrid threat related issues. It hosts a comprehensive network of academic experts.

Training and Exercises

The Training and Exercises team supports the Centre’s work by  planning and executing table-top and experimental exercises with different hybrid threat scenarios.