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The overall objective of exercises is to educate participants and improve response mechanisms to different incidents or crises as they apply to hybrid threats. Exercises also strengthen relationships between participating organizations and individuals. In addition, they can sometimes be used as a tool to test different hypotheses, tactics, and procedures such as a playbook or a contingency plan. 

Exercises focus on three overall lines of effort:

  • Providing support for Hybrid CoE Communities of Interest, and capacity-building for participating states.
  • Building greater NATO-EU cooperation in the exercise environment. 
  • Enhancing civil/military cooperation when countering hybrid threats. 

Hybrid CoE actively engages in a variety of exercises through its hybrid advisors, facilitators and exercisedevelopers. Current projects include:

  • The Deterrence Exercise series. A series of exercises for participating states, the EU and NATO, designed to build the capabilities and deterrence to counter hybrid threats.
  • Support for the EU Political and Security Committee, the EU presidency and the Horizontal Working Party on Enhancing Resilience and Countering Hybrid Threats.
  • Support for NATO subordinate commands and NATO Centres of Excellence as hybrid advisors on exercises and wargames.

Past projects include:

  • Hybrid Threats in the Shadow of a Pandemic, a virtual mapping exercise for experts and practitioners looking at how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the hybrid landscape.

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Training & Exercises

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