Hybrid CoE Strategic Analysis Papers

A Strategic Analysis is typically a short paper (around 2,000 words) written by academic and research community experts. Strategic Analyses are based on long-term research experience, or on current or completed research projects. The idea behind the Strategic Analysis papers is to enhance understanding of different phenomena in the realm of hybrid threats. They do not present direct recommendations but aim to explain processes and identify gaps in knowledge and understanding, as well as highlight trends and future challenges. Each Strategic Analysis paper includes a literature list for further reading. Topics are related to Hybrid CoE’s work in all of its main functions: training and exercises, communities of interest (hybrid influencing; strategy and defence; and vulnerabilities and resilience) as well as research and analysis.

Hybrid CoE Research Reports

Hybrid CoE Research Reports are thorough, in-depth studies written by Hybrid CoE staff members, commissioned by Hybrid CoE, or products of joint Hybrid CoE projects. The reports aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of issues relevant to hybrid threats. They either provide relevant policy recommendations or other practical conclusions, and include new research with relevant references.

Hybrid CoE Trend Reports

Hybrid CoE Trend Reports are an outcome of expert-pool meetings on a given theme. They highlight the main trends of the theme, provide multiple perspectives on current challenges as well as academic discourse on the topic, and serve as background material for policymakers. They aim to distinguish between what really constitutes a threat, what appears to be a threat but is not necessarily one, and what has the potential to become one. Hybrid CoE’s Research and Analysis engages expert pools on relevant themes in the landscape of hybrid threats.

Hybrid CoE Working papers

Working Papers are medium-length papers covering work in progress. The aim of these publications is to share ideas and thoughts as well as to analyse events that are important from the point of view of hybrid threats. They cover a wide range of important topics related to our constantly evolving security environment, and in some cases issue recommendations.

Hybrid CoE Papers

Hybrid CoE Papers include inspiration papers, conception papers, and the finalized outcomes of our seminars, workshops, exercises or other activities. They include understandings of currently unfolding events, and analysis or personal views relating to the realm of hybrid threats.