Hybrid CoE Trend Report 10: Threat potential in the economy: from vulnerabilities to China’s increased coercion

In the global economy, there are issues that are or may become relevant from the viewpoint of hybrid threats. This Hybrid CoE Trend Report discusses five key trends: the intensified economic coercion that takes place amid broader questions of the global balance of power; China’s growing footprint in the global economy; challenges to energy supply and post-dependency vulnerabilities; challenges to critical infrastructure and open market principles; and challenges to supply chain security. The report then discusses what the correct response by democratic actors may be to both legitimate and coercive economic competition stemming from Asia in general, and China in particular.

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Trend Report

An outcome of the meetings of Hybrid CoE expert pools, composed of top-ranking experts from different Hybrid CoE Participating States. Highlights trends and theme clusters related to hybrid threats, provides multiple perspectives on current security challenges and generates academic discourse on the topic. Aims to distinguish between what constitutes a threat, what appears to be a threat but is not necessarily one, and what has the potential to become one.

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