Hybrid CoE Paper 3: Tackling the bureaucratic vulnerability: an A to Z for practitioners

- May 8, 2020

Getting cross government working is key to tackling hybrid threats, as well as many of the challenges we face including COVID-19 and crisis response. When it comes to tackling hybrid threats or other complex challenges, all states and organisations share the same challenge– their own bureaucratic vulnerability. Symptoms of this vulnerability include the inability to… Read more


Hybrid CoE Paper 2: DETERRENCE – Proposing a more strategic approach to countering hybrid threats

by Vytautas Keršanskas - March 9, 2020

The playbook introduces a basic understanding of how deterrence is applied to counter hybrid threats. “Hybrid threats can affect our economies, critical infrastructure and influence the views of our society. That’s why we also need a broad range of deterrent measures, not only military means,” says Vytautas Keršanskas, a project leader at the Hybrid CoE…. Read more


Hybrid CoE Paper 1: Countering disinformation: News media and legal resilience

by COI Influence COI Vulnerabilities and Resilience Finnish Media Pool - October 22, 2019

Media freedom and journalistic news media as an institution are the first targets when hostile actors try to undermine democracy and freedom of speech. In addition to journalists, the work of authorities, government officials, and researchers is also hampered. Today, independent and fact-based news reporting is in danger, and the existence of the journalistic media… Read more