Hybrid threats: A comprehensive resilience ecosystem

To help counter hybrid threats and support policymakers in defending their democratic societies, Hybrid CoE and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre have constructed a model suggesting a framework for rethinking resilience comprehensively. The Comprehensive Resilience Ecosystem (or CORE) model presented in this joint report highlights two factors when we think about a response: Firstly, open societies are ever more connected within and between one another. Secondly, any response should involve the whole of society to counter threats effectively. To this end, the presented model addresses different “spaces” of society (governance, civic, and services), as well as different “levels” (international, national, and local) and, most importantly, their mutual interactions.

Hybrid Threats A Comprehensive Resilience Ecosystem – Executive Summary

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Research Report

Thorough, in-depth study providing a comprehensive understanding of hybrid threats and phenomena. Includes relevant policy recommendations or practical conclusions.

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