Hybrid CoE Working Paper 32: Russia’s hybrid threat tactics against the Baltic Sea region: From disinformation to sabotage

This Hybrid CoE Working Paper delves into Russia’s intensified hybrid threat activities targeting the Baltic Sea region from mid-2023 to April 2024. The paper details the different forms of these threats, such as disinformation, cyberattacks, instrumentalized migration, and sabotage, designed to destabilize Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. Emphasizing the strategic significance of these activities, the paper highlights the need for vigilant monitoring, the ability to defend against any attack, and the maintenance of strong alliances with other nations to counter these threats, which could alter the geopolitical dynamics in the region.

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Working Paper

A medium-length paper covering work in progress. Develops and shares ideas on Hybrid CoE’s ongoing research/workstrand themes, or analyzes actors, events or concepts that are relevant from the point of view of hybrid threats.

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Cyber Disinformation Hybrid warfare Nordic-Baltic region