Hybrid CoE Working Paper 10: Drones in hybrid warfare: Lessons from current battlefields

The security environment has changed drastically in recent decades, affecting the way in which violent conflicts are conducted. In addition to military means, conflicts are supplemented with means from other domains. This may result in multidomain hybrid attacks and reflects the new reality of war and conflict management in the 21st century. Due to the multidimensionality of hybrid conflicts, drones represent a means of choice for hybrid actors. This Hybrid CoE Working Paper examines the use of drones in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Nagorno-Karabakh, and highlights trends from the perspective of hybrid methods.

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Working Paper

A medium-length paper covering work in progress. Develops and shares ideas on Hybrid CoE’s ongoing research/workstrand themes, or analyzes actors, events or concepts that are relevant from the point of view of hybrid threats.

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