Hybrid CoE Trend Report 6: The future of cyberspace and hybrid threats

Cyber is one of the domains in which hybrid threats occur, and cyberspace is an enabler of both cyber operations and cyber-enabled information operations. In this Hybrid CoE Trend Report, three current trends of hybrid threats in the cyber domain are identified: an increase in the disruptive use of artificial intelligence; the expansion of the role of cyber during times of crisis; and growth in dependencies between policy and technology. These  trends are examined from the point of view of relevant technological developments and the possibilities for cascading effects.

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Trend Report

An outcome of Expert Pool meetings on a specific theme. Highlight trends and theme clusters relighting to hybrid threats. Provide multiple perspectives on current security challenges and bring forth current academic discourse. They base on the Hybrid CoE Research and Analysis function’s Expert Pool meetings. Each network is composed of top-ranking experts from different Hybrid CoE Participating States.

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