Hybrid CoE Strategic Analysis 28: Hybrid threats in the Arctic: Scenarios and policy options in a vulnerable region

The Arctic is not ungoverned space, but it is experiencing a profound transformation that will test its governance. It is in the seams between international and national laws, implementation, and enforceability, where malicious hybrid actors will exploit opportunities, aided by non-transparency and a lack of indications and warning, write Heather A. Conley and Colin Wall from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). According to their analysis, while Western Arctic nations have identified some governance gaps, it took nearly a decade to acknowledge the Arctic’s militarization. They cannot afford to do the same for hybrid threats.

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Strategic Analysis

A short paper addressing timely questions concerning hybrid threats. Aims to identify gaps in knowledge and understanding, explain processes behind a phenomenon, or highlight trends and future challenges. Aimed at a wider audience of experts and non-experts alike.

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