Hybrid CoE Strategic Analysis 25: Strategic citizens: Civil society as a battlespace in the era of hybrid threats

There is a lack of understanding among Western analysts at the strategic level about the relative importance of civil society as the glue that holds stable societies together, argues Professor Barbara J. Falk in this Strategic Analysis paper.

Structures and processes that constitute civil society, such as electoral reform and education, are not a traditional strength or even within the constitutional responsibility of militaries in democratic societies. But due to social media, civil society has become a weaponized battlespace in the face of the new hybrid threat landscape. This is why civil-military cooperation in resilience-building is more crucial than ever.

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Strategic Analysis

Relatively short paper which explains processes behind hybrid threat phenomena, identifies gaps in knowledge or highlights trends and future challenges. Based on long-term expert knowledge. Written by Hybrid CoE staff or academic and research community experts.

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