Hybrid CoE Strategic Analysis 20: States vs. non-state actors – a public international law perspective

As non-state actors (NSA) such as corporations and non-governmental organizations, as well as armed non-state actors increasingly interact with states, new legal instruments are needed to regulate their status, role and responsibilities at the international level – writes Agata Kleczkowska, Assistant Professor, Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

In the current security environment, where hybrid threats are an integral element, the lack of comprehensive legal regulation regarding the status of NSAs may be a source of serious abuses by both states and NSAs themselves. Therefore it is in the interests of the whole international community to legally regulate their status.

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Strategic Analysis

Relatively short papers, which explain processes being hybrid threat phenomena, identify gaps in knowledge or highlighting trends and future challenges. They base on long-term expert knowledge. They are written by Hybrid CoE staff or academic and research community experts.

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