Cyber-biosecurity: How to protect biotechnology from adversarial AI attacks

The digital infrastructure that underpins biotechnology is a global public good – and a growing target for data manipulation and adversarial information operations. Emergent hybrid threats that compromise AI- and cyber-security within the bio-economy are contributing to a new geopolitics of inequality and insecurity that cuts across societies and borders. Protecting information integrity, explainability, and public trust in modern biotechnology is becoming a substantial asset to preserve both global security and national sovereignty, argues Eleonore Pauwels, international expert on converging technologies, and Senior Fellow with the Global Center on Cooperative Security. 

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Strategic Analysis

Relatively short papers, which explain processes being hybrid threat phenomena, identify gaps in knowledge or highlighting trends and future challenges. They base on long-term expert knowledge. They are written by Hybrid CoE staff or academic and research community experts.

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