Hybrid CoE launches a playbook on hybrid deterrence

The Community of Interest of Hybrid Influencing launched a playbook on how to deter hybrid threats in Brussels today.

The playbook introduces a basic understanding of how deterrence is applied to counter hybrid threats. “Hybrid threats can affect our economies, critical infrastructure and influence the views of our society. That’s why we also need a broad range of deterrent measures, not only military means,” says Vytautas Keršanskas, a project leader at the Hybrid CoE.

Hostile actors must be denied the space to operate.  This requires a strategy of denial through increased resilience and imposition of costs to shape the perception of the adversary. The playbook is built practically to help the states develop their deterrence posture. It aims to inspire users to consider different options based on their own government’s capabilities and assets,” adds Keršanskas.

The playbook is based on the insights collected from security practitioners from Hybrid CoE participating states, the EU and NATO. Also, private sector companies and researchers were active partners during the one-year long project.

A public version of the playbook can be downloaded HERE.

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