Cyber as a part of hybrid threats: a two-part paper by Dr Josef Schroefl

Hybrid CoE’s Deputy Director of COI S&D, Dr Josef Schroefl, has written an analysis of cyber as a part of hybrid threats, based on ‘The landscape of Hybrid Threats: A conceptual model’. The two-part paper was published in the Defence Horizon Journal on 26 March and 31 March 2021, respectively. 

The first part demonstrates how the dependence on cyberspace, combined with malign actors’ ability to use it, can result in a hybrid effect that may become a security threat. In particular, the paper assesses the links between cyberspace’s characteristics and the emergence of a consequential hybrid threat that further complicates the evolving security environment. The complete paper can be accessed here

The second part compares cyber and hybrid threats, concluding that the former are a part of the latter. In addition, it demonstrates that these threats are best tackled by establishing and implementing a whole-of-society/-government approach to enhancing national security. The paper attempts to clarify the hybrid/cyber threat discussion by reducing its constituent parts to simple, non-technical concepts and definitions. The complete paper is available here.

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