Money laundering and hybrid threats: Has COVID-19 made it all worse?

On 18 February, 2021, Hybrid CoE organized a webinar in cooperation with Bruegel on money laundering and hybrid threats. Money laundering poses a permanent threat to the financial system, and hence the EU has actively worked at developing prevention mechanisms to combat it. But the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impact may have magnified the problem and enabled its use as part of a hybrid approach. Many countries, including EU member states, are currently struggling and looking for outside money to shore up their economies. Will the EU and its member states be ready to control this risk – even if competition for financial inflows intensifies?

The webinar recording is available here.

See Hybrid CoE’s Working Paper on hybrid threats in the financial system here.

Webinar moderator Nicolas Véron (down left) with the panelists Arnis Praudinsllze Znotiņa, and Arnis Šnore.
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