Technology matters for hybrid

Dr Johann Schmid, Hybrid CoE’s Director COI Strategy & Defence, contributed to TechNet Europe 2021 (1–2 June, Lisbon, Portugal) with a keynote speech on Hybrid Threats/Warfare: Key Characteristics, Strategic Challenges, New Developments and Implications.

“New technologies, with their disruptive potential, have a catalytic effect on hybrid means, methods, tactics and strategies,” according to Schmid. “It is worrying that they provide offensive options in particular. At the same time, new technological developments may offer options to better identify, understand, defend against and counter hybrid attacks.”

“In order to prevent, defend against and – if necessary – counter and outmanoeuvre hybrid opponents, it is important for political, civilian and military leaders and decision-makers, as well as for industry and academia, to develop a common and comprehensive understanding of the implications of new technologies in a hybrid threats/warfare context,” Dr Schmid said.

The event was organized by AFCEA Europe under the patronage of the Defence Minister of Portugal with the motto: “Challenging Times for National Security – Technologies for Better Cyber Defence and Battlefield Resilience”. The event brought together leading experts from EU and NATO member nations, particularly from the military and industry.

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