Northern Regional Seminar discussed hybrid threats in the Baltic Sea region

Hybrid CoE organised together with NATO a four-day seminar on countering hybrid threats in the Northern region.

The purpose of the seminar was to build greater understanding of the hybrid threat environment, as well as identify areas for multi-lateral and regional cooperation to counter hybrid threats more effectively.

“Situations each country is facing are similar, although not identical, therefore we have to cooperate and maintain unity to build cohesion to counter hybrid influencing. I believe that regional solidarity also improves situational awareness as well as information sharing on these issues”, said Matti Saarelainen, Director of Hybrid CoE.

The intent of the seminar was also to discuss issues, identify findings and explore recommendations related to national, multinational and comprehensive approaches to prevent, deter, and counter hybrid threats from a regional perspective.

“We have to be better aware about vulnerabilities within our societies and improve resilience basing on the vulnerability mapping”, added Saarelainen.

The seminar gathered  altogether 100 participants from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden and from all the three Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The seminar was a follow-up of an EU-NATO workshop on hybrid risks in the Baltic Sea region organized by Hybrid CoE in October 2017.

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