Invitation to Jyväskylä Summer School course: ‘The Landscape of Hybrid Threats: Culture and the Changing Nature of War’, 8 –12 August 2022

The University of Jyväskylä (JYU) in cooperation with Hybrid CoE will organize a course on ‘The Landscape of Hybrid Threats: Culture and the Changing Nature of War’ as part of the 31st Jyväskylä Summer School. The course will enhance students’ understanding of how culture expresses the “memory” of the people. Broadly speaking, the course explores how vulnerabilities in the cultural domain can be exploited, as well as how this domain could also contribute to resilience in the sense that culture and diversity can have a protective and immunizing effect against hybrid threats/warfare.

Subjects to be covered: 
– Culture as an indicator of hybrid crisis / hybrid threat / warfare impact (the Kassandra Project) (Brace for Impact) (HYFUTEC)
– Strategic culture: authoritarian strategic culture versus democratic states’ strategic culture versus state-specific strategic culture (R&D)
– “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – how culture impacts policies and (military) strategies (S&D)
– Culture in the age of information and AI (HYFUTEC) / Cyber “culture” (e.g. disinformation)

Lecturers on the course will include Col (ret) Dr Martti J. Kari (JYU), Dr Hanna Smith and Colonel Sönke Marahrens from Hybrid CoE, as well as a number of guest lecturers.

The course is aimed at master’s students, PhD students, civil servants, as well as military and law enforcement officers with a basic knowledge of hybrid threats. More information about the course can be found HERE. The application period for the Summer School is 1 March – 30 April. Applications can be submitted HERE

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