Information expert pool meets in Helsinki

Hybrid CoE’s Research and Analysis function arranged a two-day expert pool meeting on information in Hanasaari, 4-5 November. We were joined by ten academic experts from our recently established academic expert pool (AEP), to discuss trends in information, and information in the era of hybrid threats. We were also joined by 13 practitioners from 4 participating countries and NATO. The second day of the meeting was dedicated to public panel with approximately 40 participants from Finnish ministries and participating states’ embassies in Helsinki.

The trends session was built around the written contributions in which the experts mapped the trends related to information in their own fields. The discussions were enthusiastic and wide-ranging. The experts took a broad approach to information, and their debates touched upon information’s role in society as part of social interaction, public diplomacy, strategic communications, security and intelligence services, economy, and climate change.

The product/outcome of this meeting will be a trend report. Some of the major trends that were discussed included the increasing role of social media platforms in information consumption, the way in which non-state actors are used, how economic changes affect information, and the new information technology.

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