Hybrid Warfare and New Technologies workshop in Stockholm

Hybrid CoE and its Community of Interest Strategy and Defence (COI S&D), in collaboration with StratByrd Consulting, organized the workshop: Most relevant Trends & Principal Implications on 4-5 December 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden. The event is part of the COI S&D “New technologies” work strand Hybrid Warfare: Future & Technology (HYFUTEC).

Participants were experts from the industry, military and security sector, ministries and academia. The Stockholm workshop began with an overview on maneuvering hybrid contingencies and critical infrastructure with emphasis on a comprehensive approach to the hybrid security environment. The role of military was presented as a deterrent, supporting and enabling actor to the civilian sectors.

The Stockholm HYFUTEC workshop followed-up the Berlin HYFUTEC workshop that kicked-off the Future & Technology: Horizon Scan on “Key Technology Trends”. In Stockholm experts focused on most relevant technology trends such as 5G and space, artificial intelligence; autonomous systems; cyber and electronic warfare; extended reality; quantum and ubiquitous sensors. Particular attention was given to principal implications regarding hybrid challenges at the political, strategic, and operational level to include challenges regarding the protection of critical infrastructures. Ways to accelerating innovation and to utilize the possibilities of modelling and simulation were highlighted.

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