Hybrid CoE organises a workshop on Hybrid threats in the financial system

COI Vulnerabilities and Resilience (COI VR) organized a workshop on “Hybrid threats in the financial system” in cooperation with Bruegel in Brussels on 12 February. Almost 80 officials and experts participated. The workshop examined hybrid threats in the context of the financial system by assessing vulnerabilities and solutions for effective protection measures and improved resilience.

Particular attention was paid to potential systemic gaps that would open up possibilities for adversaries to use hybrid influence against economic and financial systems to create disturbances and prevent economic development and financial activities. Several segments of the finance sector were discussed and potential tools and drivers that could pose a threat to the financial system were introduced. These segments of the finance sector and the potential tools and drivers will constitute a Taxonomy of Hybrid Threats in the Financial System, which will be introduced at a later stage. In addition, a seminar record of the event will be provided for participating states, the EU and NATO later in the spring.

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