Expert-pool trend mapping Western Balkans

This week the European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats (Hybrid CoE) held an expert-pool workshop on Western Balkans. It can be argued that the Western Balkans is a region where many actors have strategic interests and their own state  systems are still being shaped. The region is therefore experiencing a hybrid threat security environment. The aim of the workshop was to identify different trends that influence the region’s future. The findings of the workshop will be published as Hybrid CoE’s Western Balkans trend-map in Spring 2019.

Hybrid CoE’s Research and Analysis function coordinated the expert-pool seminar. Director for Strategic Planning and Responses, Hanna Smith (on the right) and deputy director Käsper Kivisoo (on the left) listening insights from invited experts.

The workshop is in line with the six flagship initiatives launched by the European Union for the support of countries in Western Balkans. Focus areas are the rule of law, security and immigration, socio-economic development, increased connectivity, digital agenda and good neighbourly relations.

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