Teija Tiilikainen’s contribution ‘The EU and Regional and Sub-Regional Cooperation’ in the new book on ‘The EU and the Baltic Sea Area’

Hybrid CoE’s Director, Teija Tiilikainen has written a contribution to a new book exploring the role of the European Union (EU) in the cooperation and regulation of the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). It focuses on the role of the Union in advancing the broader marine governance framework in the region. Questions investigated include: in what way does the Union participate in, or otherwise influence, the activities of States, international organisations and other actors involved in BSR cooperation and regulation, and what is the importance and substantive outcome of the Union’s specific role in this respect? How has the membership of eight out of nine Baltic Sea coastal States in the EU affected cooperation in the region, in terms of substance as well as procedure, and what is the influence of the BSR over the EU? These questions are discussed from different perspectives by leading experts in both the fields of EU law and the law of the BSR.

Dr Tiilikainen has written an article on ‘The EU and Regional and Sub-Regional Cooperation’. The EU is an expression of very special regional cooperation. But how does the Union relate itself to other forms of regional cooperation taking place entirely or partly in its legal and institutional framework? The EU seems to be supportive of regional and sub-regional cooperation as long as it remains compatible with the general principles and objectives of EU law. Considering the diversity of existing examples of regional cooperation within the EU, the Union can be considered to have found its modus operandi in accommodating the phenomenon within its own framework. This chapter focuses on this modus operandi by analysing forms of regional cooperation in the EU from different perspectives. First, it studies the key normative framework and the key parts of EU law affecting the role of regional cooperation. The second dimension of regional cooperation to be discussed concerns its political legitimacy as a part of European politics.

Read the whole summary of Dr Tiilikainen’s article here.

The book can be bought here(link to the publisher’s website).

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