‘Seeing red’ – project comparing Russia and China launched

Hybrid CoE launched a comparative actor analysis project called ´Seeing red’ last week in Stockholm. The overall aim is to enhance EU, NATO and Hybrid CoE Participating States’ understanding of Russia and China to better assess, detect and attribute hybrid threat activities before responding.

“Although a body of existing literature focuses on the hybrid threat activities of Russia and China as adversaries of democratic countries, a comparative analysis of the two countries’ strategic cultures and goals, and of their underlying drivers and motives need further attention,” argues Hanna Smith, Research Director at Hybrid CoE. “By providing a coherent discussion on the ways in which Russia and China view influence, threats, and status competition, the project explores ways to identify Russian and Chinese strengths, weaknesses, intents and early warning signs of potential adversarial hybrid threat activity.” In addition to the comparative perspective, the project also looks at potential collaboration between Russia and China in the hybrid threat realm. 

As a central framework for analysis, the project applies a wide range of case studies from Hybrid CoE expert-pool members and other contributors.

The project will contribute to the development of Hybrid CoE actor analysis capabilities, and the findings will be compiled for publication in early 2023.

The event was held physically under the Chatham House Rule, but short interviews with some of the experts will be released on our website within this article and our social media.

Professor Pavel Baev from Peace Research Institute Oslo on what we should expect from Russia in the coming years in the context of hybrid threats.
Director of Swedish Center for China Studies, Jerker Hellström, discusses the importance of China research.
Head of Research Division of Eastern Europe and Eurasia at Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Margarete Klein, analyzes the situation and possible scenarios in Ukraine.
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