Unique hybrid wargaming course launched

During the month of August, the US Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) together with Hybrid CoE conducted two wargaming courses focussing on hybrid threats, in support of the Centre’s Participating States. This marked the first time that such a course was organized, where game-like simulations were conducted to train participants’ strategic thinking in the context of hybrid threat scenarios. 

Representing 10 Participating States, various national ministries, academia, and the private sector, thecourses brought together a unique group of students in Helsinki. Aimed at a diverse group of participants, these practical and educational workshops were designed to encourage a whole-of-society approach to cooperation in countering hybrid threats.  Through the creation of a unique hybrid threats wargame, the courses increased awareness of hybrid threats and understanding of nations’ ability to respond to them. 

We asked the main instructor on the courses as well as some of the participants to tell us more about the training. The video clips below include a selection of their comments.

Jeffrey Appleget, a senior lecturer at the US Naval Postgraduate School, on what wargaming is, conducting the game, and the purpose of wargaming.
Comments from the participants of the Joint Hybrid CoE & US Naval Post Graduate School Wargaming Course
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