Multidomain situational awareness: Using technology to outthink hybrid opponents

On 2 June 2021, Hybrid CoE and its Community of Interest on Strategy and Defence presented the ‘Hybrid Warfare Future and Technologies’ (HYFUTEC) curriculum for the second time, as an educational tool for the Joint Command and General Staff Course ‘Innovation and Military Technology Module’ at the Baltic Defence College in Tartu, Estonia.

The HYFUTEC curriculum focused on technological means of improving multidomain situational awareness in hybrid warfare/conflict/threat scenarios, including perspectives on: artificial intelligence and big data, options for serious gaming in hybrid warfare scenarios, open-source intelligence and media monitoring, space and satellite communication, AI-driven analysis and monitoring of military exercises, as well as views on the game-changing capabilities of the use of drones in hybrid warfare. The curriculum was concluded with an update on the DE-MASC Project, which is currently developing a multidomain situational awareness cockpit, combining web-based analytical information tools already on the market.

For further information on Hybrid Warfare and the HYFUTEC project/workstrand, read more here.

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